Car Enthusiast Indonesia Opens Donation for Corona, You Can Join!

A number of Indonesian car enthusiast have agreed to create an online donation campaign entitled: Otomotif Against COVID, through the fundraising site

This campaign was motivated by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, which has now infected nearly 2,000 more people in Indonesia.

Through this campaign, it is hoped that Indonesian automotive enthusiasts will participate in contributing some of their funds to be channeled into various needs for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) which will be distributed to medical fighters on the front lines.

This campaign was initiated by Indonesian automotive activists, including Andre Mulyadi (IMX), Youtuber Garage Drift, Kiki Anugraha (KARMA Bodykit), Akbar Rais (Drifter), Youtuber MotoMobi TV, Erwin (ABBAN), Iman (Gearhead Monkey Garage), Car Collectors, William Bakajin, INFIA, and the National Modificator & Aftermarket Association (NMAA).

“We are concerned about the current epidemic condition. As part of the community, we agree that fellow actors and automotive enthusiasts must also play a role in dealing with this situation. What we can do now is stay at home and collect donations online, ”said Andre Mulyadi, who represents automotive activists.

The Automotive Against COVID campaign is part of the fundraiser of dr. Tirta Mandira Hudhi or who is usually called dr. Tirta, an influencer and doctor who is currently actively fighting the COVID-19 virus in Indonesia.

Later, all donations will be managed by dr. Tirta, as well as distributing it to medical fighters in hospitals in need.
It should be noted that doctors, nurses and workers in hospitals are currently lacking sufficient PPE to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This is due to the drastic increase in the need for PPE as medical personnel work simultaneously to serve thousands of patients. This situation clearly endangers the safety of our medical personnel on the front lines.

If not resolved immediately, this condition risks causing the defense of the Indonesian nation to break down against COVID-19.